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So you want to get stronger?

So you want to get stronger?

Who doesn’t want to get stronger? You’re a liar if you say you don’t!
I know I do and that is why I have been obsessed with lifting and trying to break personal records lately! But it helps to know what you are doing and how to do it in order to achieve your goals.

So I have been visiting a Strength Training site called, which I am also an active member under the username Kilim,  and stumbled upon a great post there. It was written by a forum member named FerrousMaverick and titled “Intro to Strength Training“. It gives a great explanation on the difference between “Strength Training” and “Body Building”, some basics of what Strength Training is all about and what program one should choose to get started the right way.

It’s one of the better posts that I have read about the topic and glad to have found it. Now I would like to share it to anyone passing by here. is a growing online community that is focused on Strength Training with helpful information and members that can help you get in the right path towards a stronger and better you!

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Gamers Rejoice! There is another place for us!

Games Day 2011

Image by Sergey Galyonkin via Flickr

Just saw this article and found it interesting.

Why gamers are a great fit at the gym

I was an avid gamer (I don’t play as much now due to other commitments) and everything in this article makes sense.

What’s funny is the first time I did 200 lb squat a “DING” popped in my head and laughing at myself thinking “Hmm that is +1 to Strength!”.
Did the same once I got to 1.5x body weight squat lol

If you was/are a gamer then this article applies to you!

Personally, I did replace my gaming with lifting weights and putting them down.
I used to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition back in High School!
That is how I even got the username that I use everywhere now.
Yes, I am a geek at heart and love it.

But I think, like the article points out, being a gamer helps me focus on my goals.
(Well I think my few years as a Machine Gunner in the USMC helped in that as well.)

So rejoice gamers! There is a chance for us yet!


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What to do before you lift? Foam Rolling & Dynamic Stretches!

Chang-Hwa Bank Team make their warming up at 2...

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Right after I get to the gym, after I leave the locker room, there is a certain routine I do before I start lifting. That is I do some foam rolling and dynamic stretches. This helps me prepare for my lifting routine that I will be doing that day.

Why not just start lifting right away? It is always better to warm-up, get your blood flowing and your muscles ready before you start lifting. This can help prevent injuries and loosen your body to help in your lifts.

After trying to find out ways to help fix some issues with my lifts I have found that doing some foam rolling exercises and dynamic stretches before I start any of my major lifts to help.

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Foam Roller Plus

Foam Roller Plus

When I first discovered some issues with my squats and other lifts I was looking for a way to fix it. One of the things that  kept popping up was the use of a foam roller. I didn’t understand at first what using a foam roller can do to help on my lifts. I then read up more about it and found out about Self-Myofascial Release.

After reading more about SMR and Foam Rollers I then decided to buy one and try it out. I decided to get the Foam Roller Plus by Perform Better. It is basically a PVC pipe with some foam wrapped around it and a fabric bag to cover it all. I tried some of the other types of foam rollers at the PT department of my nursing facility and at the gym I used to go to. The ones without a PVC pipe in the middle would just flatten under my weight and I can see become useless after a few months of use. So those types are not for me and and my plan of owning it for a long time.

You can even make your own foam roller and there are tons of instructions on “How to make a foam roller” on the internet just by googling it.

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It has been about 13 weeks since I last lifted weights and kept a workout log due to illness and other priorities that have kept my life busy. Now I am back and decided that maybe I should try starting my own blog somewhere and decided on this one.

The plan is to mainly use this blog to post my progress in my training and anything else related to it. Other random acts relating to my life or other interests may find its way here at times.

My last workout journal can be found at the forums here:

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