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The Juggernaut Method Spreadsheet v1.0


Spreadsheet I made for use on “The Juggernaut Method 2.0”
First initial version and will see if I need to correct anything or make changes as I progress.


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New Training Program: The Juggernaut Method 2.0: 3/6/16

New Training Program: The Juggernaut Method 2.0

Finished 13 cycles of Jim Wendler’s “5/3/1” program on the 3rd time of doing it.
Been eyeing Chad Smith’s “The Juggernaut Method 2.0” since at least a year ago but I was a little intimidated about the amount of volume the program has when I first read it.
Decided to get out of my comfortable zone and now I am going to do it. Read the rest of this entry »

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5/3/1: Pt 3: 7/13/14

5/3/1: Pt 3: Starting Stats

Body Pics:

Day 1: 7/13/14
SVrvQSgBHvpzcbKYJQehngqKYAcfjmWMjssC-610 Read the rest of this entry »


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5/3/1: Part 2: 11/3/13

I have been doing 5/3/1 for almost 2 years now.
Started on 1/2/2012 and loving the program in the 92 weeks or so I have been following it.
Had a few speed bumps in life while doing it but really enjoying its flexibility.

A few weeks ago I got sick again and decided to finally read the latest edition in Jim Wendler’s program called: “Beyond 5/3/1“.
I like the changes and many templates included in it so decided to use my last cycles lifts as my starting numbers and redo 5/3/1 again in a new thread while also implementing some of the new changes found in the new ebook.

So let’s start.


5/3/1: Pt 2: Starting Stats

Body Pics:

Day 1: 11/3/13
yMSxBJSoNWJOXLiQKEtXFWtklNtQWLQUUdTj-610 Read the rest of this entry »


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1 Year of doing Wendler’s 5/3/1 Program: 1/1/2012 – 12/30/2012

1 Year of doing Wendler’s 5/3/1 Program: 1/1/2012 – 12/30/2012

Body Pics:

Day 1: 1/1/2012
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

+52 Weeks (+15 weeks LeanGains): 12/30/12
Posted Image
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Update: 5/3/1 Worksheet v2.1


I made a major overhaul on my 5/3/1 worksheet and made it available here:

Only thing missing in it at the time is the “Yes/No” drop down box in each Cycle sheet to have the option to remove Barbell Wt from the cells.
Rob “rj347”, a member from the community that I often visit, was able to help me fix this problem by showing me how to do it the way I wanted it done in the first place.

So here is the updated 5/3/1 worksheet v2.1: 531 WorkSheet v2_1a

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New 5/3/1 Worksheet v2.0

Update: 5/3/1 Worksheet v2.0

I am now on my 8th Cycle of the 5/3/1 Program!
Been making some changes to my worksheet so decided to share it for those that may find it useful.
Did a major overhaul to it due to me switching from 3x/week to 2x/week training schedule.
Made it more flexible to use and change things around due to the flexibility of the 5/3/1 program itself!

Download updated 5/3/1 Worksheet v2.0: 531 WorkSheet v2

I cannot figure out how to make a “Yes/No” Drop Down Box do the following in the Remove barbell Weight option of my worksheet:
Yes = Remove Barbell Wt from Setup Page Sell
No = 0

If someone that knows how to do it in MS Excel please teach me how or edit the worksheet yourself and please email it to me 🙂
That is the only thing I couldn’t figure out how to do in this worksheet.

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