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1 Year of doing Wendler’s 5/3/1 Program: 1/1/2012 – 12/30/2012

1 Year of doing Wendler’s 5/3/1 Program: 1/1/2012 – 12/30/2012

Body Pics:

Day 1: 1/1/2012
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+52 Weeks (+15 weeks LeanGains): 12/30/12
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5/3/1: Cycle 7 – 3s Week: Squat (310 x 3): 8/18/12

Cycle 7 – 3s Week: Squat: 8/18/12

Solid 7-8 hour sleep before today’s squat session.
Had to really prep myself mentally as I woke up today!
Ate a decent amount of western omelette and potatoes to fuel me up for the upcoming challenge.
Arrived at the gym somehow feeling not as energetic as I was hoping for, really had to work on my motivation as I know today will be a tough session! (6/10)

Surprising enough I had a good session.
Did everything I wanted to do and met some awesome people.
Had a Russian guy familiar with Starting Strength help me with my last set of squat and even had another guy that competes in power-lifting help me with finding the exact and proper squat rack position on my shoulders!
Had a great “AHA” moment and made my day that started out as a 6 feel like a 10 at the end!
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5/3/1: C6W3D1: Bench Press (220 x 4) * Conditioning: Krav Maga: 7/8/12

C6W3D1: 7/8/12

So I was up for 30 hours the other day and did some work then slept for 3-4 hours nap before work.
Took 2 BCAA tabs then walked my dogs after work then straight to the gym sipping on some White Flood.
Surprisingly, I felt decent enough as I arrived at the gym but not spectacular. (7/10)

I had to cut off some assistance work as I wanted to catch a Krav Maga class right after lifting.
Decent session overall even though I forgot to film my top set.
Only real issue that surfaced is that my right wrist is still not fully healed!
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Watching Others “Teach” How To Lift The Wrong Way …

I am no expert but I have been educating myself since I discovered Stronglifts, Starting Strength, Mad Cow, 5/3/1, etc.
Personally started with a split body building routine (which did not show much progress) then did SL for a couple years then Mad Cow Intermediate for 12 weeks and now on my 2nd Cycle of 5/3/1.

Every time I go to the gym I cannot help myself notice and watch others attempt to do barbell lifts next to me.
There are probably a handful (I can count on 1 hand) who are actually doing Full ROM proper form barbell lifts that surrounds me when I do my routine.
The best are some decently big guys lifting heavy weights and hurrahing each other yet do 4″ deep partial squats and other less than Half ROM Barbell lifts.
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Mad Cow: Week 9 – Day 2 * 135 lbs OHP

Week 9 Day 2: 11/23/11

Had about 6 hours sleep but still woke up later than I wanted.
Was groggy until I drank my White Flood Pre-workout drink. I believe that added with the adrenaline of working out got me pumped and energized for 5 straight hours!
My right arm is still somewhat sore but happy it didn’t stop me from pulling some PRs today!
Other than that, it was a great workout!
Also, I decided to get some long socks so I can stop scraping my shins during deadlifts.
But I think I need better knee-length socks for deadlift days.
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Mad Cow: Week 8 – Day 1 * Squat PR!

Week 8 Day 1: 11/14/11

Another 4 hour sleep session before lifting. Had plenty of time to sleep but the second I woke up I could not get back to sleep.
Wife was wondering why I am still pushing myself to lift when I am obviously fatigued. I say Dedication and Consistency!
But she was right though, I was tired as hell during the workout.
I think I could probably have performed better if I had more rest.
Also skipped all my accessory work due to fatigue and time.
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Mad Cow: Week 7 – Day 1

Week 7 Day 1: 11/7/11

Actually had 7 hours sleep and woke up as if I partied earlier that night! (Actually I partied a little bit the night before but that’s a different story.)
Lifted right after I dropped my son to school and had a great workout!
Continuing to progress real well on most of my lifts doing Mad Cow so far.
Even had another bench press PR and in 2 weeks I will be reaching my bench press goal of 230 lbs 1×5 much earlier than expected if I don’t stall!
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